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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Mar 5, 2022


We can begin by developing awareness and acceptance for the things in our life that are going well and then we can practice extending our acceptance to the things we find uncomfortable, painful, and even heartbreaking sometimes.

Try following the meditation

Find a quiet private place and set a time of 10 minutes for the meditation.

1. Find a comfortable seating area

2. Do not have any distractions

3. Look gentle at the floor in front of you or close your eyes.

4. Breath in through your nose slowly and deeply then release your breath slowly through your mouth, focus on the three spheres of mindfulness, your body, your breath, and your mind.

5. Notice what is present, judging nothing and pushing nothing away.

6. Simply be present and accept whatever you notice.

7. What types of sensations are you experiencing in your body, what does the quality of your breathing tell you and what emotions are presenting in your mind? Is there a sense of calm and relaxation?

8. Notice the thoughts that are calling for your attention.

9. Don’t become attached to your thoughts, refrain from creating stories or links to events and other experiences that may distract you. Stay in the moment and be the watcher, the witness and give your thoughts the space to move around.

10. Continue the process until your time is up.

Now reflect on the activity

This activity relates to Person-Centred theory because it highlights the importance of unconditional positive regard, self-awareness, the here and now, autonomy, taking responsibility and acceptance of reality. These are all key factors in the person-centred process, and it is important that you can develop these things for yourself.

When we become fixated with trying to control circumstances and people, that is when we hit the brick walls and the never-ending unproductive cycles that are repeated.

Sometimes accepting reality can free us up to start thinking about what we really need how we can get there.

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